Analyse calls. Identify inefficient employees. Boost your sales. Automatically
Customers are often unhappy or upset, but it does not manifest itself in words. An ordinary emotion recognition systems based on text will not see the emotion.

How many such situations occur in a day? And for a month or a year? As a result, you get a report that does not display real and reliable information.
Emotion analysis based on
intonation in the voice
Special ticket selected by the robot comes to your messenger. Main issue is highlighted with a transcript of the conversation and a marked emotion. The ticket can be forwarded to the responsible employee
Configure notifications of incidents to resolve them at the right moment.

Connect via telegram to employee conversations and evaluate how each employee communicates with your customers.
Respond to incidents immediately
Allows you to keep the client from moving to a competitor
Notifies about
employees errors
Allows you to evaluate the ability of employees to resolve conflicts
Recognizes customer
call center costs
Determines the true
reasons for appeals
Finds missed sales and warm leads in the call database
Transcribes phone calls to text
More efficient than the quality control department
How it works
Identify the causes of negativity and reduce the risk of losing a client.
Ready-made solutions for many industries:
Success Stories
Insurance company
Medical Center
PBX and telephony
Сontact center
Internet service provider
Know about all mistakes in communications and know how to eliminate the recurrence of such situations.
… or do your own solution for free!
Predictable increase in sales
Reducing the risk of losing a client, increasing loyalty, assessing the reasons for refusals
Proactive control of customer issues
Prompt identification of ineffective employees and undesirable business practices
Increase in upsales, cross-sales and revelation of new business opportunities
Automatic quality control and analysis of 100% of calls
No way to listen to all calls
There are no additional sales
Weak employees waste the salary fund uselessly
Buyers with a high average check do not make a deal
It is unclear why customers stop paying
Sales are not growing
Increased the conversion rate for cold calls by 10%
Increased sales by 12%

Increased the NPS score by 17%

Increased sales by 24%

Access to 30+
ready-made solutions
Free system setup
our experts and revision
of your sales scripts by
our coaches
Filling the dictionary
with markers that are
relevant for your business.
Training of employees to work with the system, assistance in compiling KPI / OKR reports
High accuracy of text recognition — 80-90%

High accuracy of emotion recognition — more than 70%

The cost of recognition is lower than the price of competitors

Decryption of calls — within 5 minutes.

Preparation of the report — 1 sec.

30+ solutions for different industries and employee mistakes